Big Time Estimating without the Hassle.

Winpriser desktop version...

What it does

For one low price, the Winpriser desktop version provides you with pricing software that can be installed on multiple computers, a complete Allpriser database of product items and price updates over the internet for one year. Telephone and remote support are also included in the price. There are no hidden extra charges with Winpriser. Our Winpriser Pricing software is an inexpensive, easy to learn estimating system that will save you time and money. No week long course is necessary. A one hour on-line training session is enough to get you producing estimates. And, it is simple enough that you don’t require retraining each time you start a new estimate.

Suitable for big jobs as well as small, Winpriser allows you to look up prices, store discounts from several suppliers, build up a list of materials for a job, add labour and extra charges and produce complete estimates, invoices and purchase orders.

If you wish, Winpriser can also incorporate your time to install labour factors and produce a total man hours figure for all the materials in a job. And Winpriser can link to Quickbooks and Simply Accounting.

Winpriser updates can also be used with all the major estimating and accounting programs.

Winpriser web version...

What it does

Allpriser web based price books. This is the same set of databases that are available through our Winpriser desktop version and is fully indexed by product type, group, page, and can perform text searches based on a part number or description. At the moment, this product is for price lookup only, but we plan to offer a comprehensive pricing cloud solution where you can store customers, jobs, and discounts.

Allpriser price services...

What we do

For each publication, we work with wholesalers, manufacturers and subscribers across Canada to identify and price the products that are used in your area. Suppliers provide our subscribers with discounts based on Allpriser list prices. With up-to-date lists and supplier discounts, you always know what you will pay for an item. Allpriser's list & discount system allows you to manage both sides of the pricing equation. You always know your material costs and can apply the appropriate markups to arrive at profitable selling prices.